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Damietta port is considered one of the oldest ports in Egypt since pharaohs’ time, where the French during their attack on Egypt has found pharaohs’ monuments at Damietta (part on Narous statue) made of granite and which has been moved afterwards to Luver museum. Damietta port has been established to take off load on Egyptian ports, and studies and executive works for such a giant project have started and the project has become a reality and was inaugurated in 1986 and has become since then the most important port East the Mediterranean.



Available Silos for rent:

10 Silos x 7000 MT each

Storage: 50,000 MT•

Minimum and maximum quantities 35,000 – 120,000​

Terms of rental agreements possible models:

- Yearly agreement per MT

- Spot


Suction unloading rate of 8,000 MT per day to a conveyor belt to the silos  

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