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Harvest started in 1980 in the hospitality industry. It was clearly understood that in order to serve fine food you need the fine raw materials. especially when it comes to meat

And over the years Harvest became a global player in the agriculture market and serving customers in 30 countries around the globe


Nowadays, Harvest is a multinational group of companies vertically integrated into a complete value chain of livestock, meat, and agricultural production

At Harvest, we focus on animal welfare, on quality, and on personal attention to clients. We offer comprehensive solutions combining individual approach to clients and professional supply of quality Livestock, Meat, and Agriculture products.

Harvest USA Livestock.


Operating in The USA and South America, dairy cattle.

Harvest is an agriculture trading, company on the market of modern dairy and meat industries. Harvest is associated with a network of farms in the United States of America dedicated to raising pedigree dairy cattle. And in cooperation with a network of farms in Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia with continuous and sustainable production of high-quality beef cattle. Fattening of bulls on Harvest associated beef farms is carried out according to intensive technology.

Harvest Holdings


Producer/exporter of high-quality Halal frozen and chilled Buffalo meat and Agriculture products,

Harvest introduced premium quality meat production to India and created India’s first premium quality meat plant.  Harvest created a standard for its premium quality products under the trademark of Harvest products, which is a management and supervision structure for Animal Selection carcass hygienic processing, Harvest Packing standard Supervision standard.  Harvest operates 4 slaughterhouses certified for Harvest products.

Harvest in cooperation with excellent rice harvesters and rice millers and select premium quality products.

Harvest LTD Ukraine

Harvest owns and operates a beef farm near Odesa, Ukraine carried out according to intensive technology.

The daily gain of live weight reaches around 1,300-1,500 grams. Accordingly, depending on a slaughter weight per breed, the bulls reach the required condition by the age of 13-14 months or 16-18 months.

UAE - Harvest Worldwide Foodstuff LLC

Financing, Trading, and consulting worldwide.



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