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AL-Nuaimi breed

It was named after the merchant. The first one that he imported to the Arabian Peninsula.

The sheep of Al-Nuaimi originated in southwest Asia and originated from the desert of the Levant. It was actually developed as a Bedouin sheep breed through centuries of natural and selective breeding to become the highest milk-producing breed in the Middle East. The Naimi breed of sheep is of the eastern type with the fat tail, and it is the most common breed of sheep in southwest Asia.


Al Naimi is the dominant type in the Syrian Arab Republic. The breed is raised in desert conditions in the north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the breed of Al-Nuaimi sheep constitutes only one percent of the number of sheep in Turkey.






Breed Purpose    Mainly meat but are also prized for quality milk production
Special Notes    Very hardy and strong animals, well adapted to their local climates, also do well in some other countries, most of the Israeli sheep breeders have adapted these animals for producing milk, well adapted to semi-extensive to the extensive management system, the ewes are good milk producers, they produce around 450 kg milk per year, the ewes approximately have 3 lambing in 2 years,
Breed Size    Medium
Horns    Generally polled
Climate Tolerance    Almost all climates
Color    Mainly off-white and brown head

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