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Ayrshire breed

The Ayrshire breed originates from Scotland, from the county of Ayr, which is characterized by a harsh, humid climate and the presence of large natural pastures. These contributed to the development of animals with a strong constitution, well adapted to the changing conditions of the external environment, hence it has a high ability for acclimatization in the northern zone of Europe and America.

Animals of the Ayrshire breed have a dry and strong constitution, proportional body frame that is typical for dairy cattle. Cows have a proportionally developed udder cup-shaped and widely spaced middle-sized nipples, providing a considerably high intensity of lactation.

The Ayrshire breed is characterized by peculiar features of the exterior:

  • low height, light head, thin neck

  • the chest is deep (65-75 cm) and wide (38-40 cm)

  • straight sacrum and thin light bones (17-18 cm)





Dairy breeding cattle

  • Height of a full-grown cow at the withers is 124-125 cm

  • Weight of an adult cow is 450-500 kg 

  • Characterized by early maturation, the first insemination of the heifer is carried out when they reach a weight of 350 kg

  • Weight of new-born calves is 25-30 kg

  • At the age of 12 months, the weight of young stock reaches 240-280 kg

  • Milk productivity is rather high, with optimal feeding is about 6,000-7,000 kg during standard lactation

    • Fat content 4.2-4.3%

    • Protein content 3.4-3.5%

  • In the best herds of Ayrshire cattle, milk production reaches 10,000 kg 

  • Meat production of the Ayrshire breed is considered satisfactory, so the slaughter yield for bull-calves at the age of 18 months is 50-55%, while the weight of adult bulls can reach 800 kg.


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