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Nelore Breed

The Nelore origins date back over 2000 years when the Aryan people brought the ancestors of this breed to India. These ancestors were called Ongole, the change of name to Nelore happened in Brazil by some authors as a synonym to Ongole. Their most distinctive characteristic is the presence of a prominent “hump” behind their neck, but there are many other fundamental differences between the Nelore and the European breeds.

Brazil has become the largest breeder of Nelore, and from there the breed was exported to Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela, Central America, Mexico, United States, and many other countries.


  • Hardiness

  • Heat and insect resistance

  • Metabolic efficiency

  • Meat quality

  • Reproductive efficiency

  • Maternal instinct and disposition

Nelore cattle 

originated from Ongole Cattle originally brought to Brazil 

from India




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